Traditional Greek Feast

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You will cook up a traditional Greek Feast straight from a collection of recipes of Sophia's extended family kitchen. The Greek cuisine has so much more to it than you could imagine however all of the dishes are simple and abound in healthful properties stemming from the ancient times. As you may already know, the Greeks are renown not only for their delicious and healthy cuisine but also for their warm and hospitable nature. Sophia stands true to her heritage and will delight you not only with her knowledge of the Greek cuisine but her stories of Greece as well as her warm and fun nature. The class is bound to leave you joyful yet relaxed and with an enthusiastic to confidently replicate the dishes at home.

 Class Duration 

The course is 3.5 hours in duration. 



All participants will be given the opportunity to prepare and cook. Participants will be provided with knife kits, and utilise commercial cooking equipment supplied by our venue. 


Recipe Pack 

Each participant receives a recipe pack so they have all the information to prepare this meal at home for friends and family. 

More Information The class is not a cooking course it is an informal session where we learn the basics and share our experiences. We are not professional chefs just home taught by our families and enjoy cooking and celebrating with food. Come for an afternoon of fun, and celebration with food. 

Venue Classes will be held at -

My other Kitchen - 9 Nicholson Street, Bentleigh, Victoria

The suggested menu for this seasons traditional Greek cook up is*:


Tzatziki - no where else will you find the REAL deal!

Pitta - Ancient style flat pitta bread. How they made it before
electricity was invented

Pousopoulla - Easy and delectable Roast pork with the Greek herbs
and spices

Alatorigani - Traditional Greek herb rub that you can use on any

Ladolemono - Traditional Greek dressing to top all fresh foods

Horiatiki - village style Greek salad

Pasteli - quick and easy honey sesame slab for all occasions

A Greek coffee brew

*Menu subject to change and is an indication only